About CURIT Biotech Holding

CURIT Biotech Holding is responsible for developing and bringing to market biotechnological products in the field of diagnostics and therapeutics for cancer, chronic inflammation and autoimmune diseases.

CURIT Biotech Holding therefore holds several patents and technologies coming from research and development activities of Prof. Dr. Dr. Barth at Fraunhofer-Institut IME in Aachen as well as RWTH Aachen.

Hereby methods of medical biotechnology have been used in order to develop highly innovative, recombinant fusion proteins that go far beyond the current antibody technologies. The new fusion proteins only address infected cells and less normal cells.

The function of these immune diagnostics and therapeutics will be tested and acknowledged in-vitro before the activities regarding a specific disease is verified in pre-clinic models.

Major aim is the development of diagnostic and therapeutic agents in the fields of oncology, autoimmune disorders and chronic inflammation.


We develop specific therapeutics for the treatment of cancer, chronic inflammation and other auto immune diseases. These therapeutics cause less unspecific adverse reactions and can be applied repeatedly.


Our diagnostics help to identify early, quickly and efficiently several diseases. They are based upon the integration of specific biological components in new diagnostic systems.


We use methodologies of medical biotechnology in order to develop innovations that are based on the latest level of knowledge.

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